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As with every other important thing pertaining to your home, it’s always best to get it right on
the first try. A hit-and-miss with your roofing material can translate to some serious unexpected
Consequently, while you’re preparing to get your metal roofing done, it’s always helpful to
watch out for common pitfalls so you know how best to avoid them.
Without further ado, here’re our top 7 common mistakes homeowners make when dealing with
metal roofing their home – from start to finish.

1. Thinking All Metal Roofs are the Same

This is the first and perhaps the most common mistake most homeowners make. Metal roofing
panels can be made from different types of metals (Copper, Zinc, e.t.c) which have different
The properties of these materials in tandem with the environment your home is situated in
influence the performance and by extension, the lifespan of your metal roofing material.
As a result, it’s crucial to understand the basic difference between each metal roofing panel and
opt for quality.

2. Calling in the Wrong Type of Contractor

Yes, it’s true.
Contrary to what you might have been told, not every contractor is actually equipped to
efficiently deal with installing your metal roofing.
In an effort to secure more business for themselves, most roofers and contractors are likely to tell
you they can deal with any roofing material.
In reality, they’re most likely more familiar with less complex installations like composite
shingles. Dealing with metal panels requires considerably more skill and experience.
So before awarding the job, make sure you confirm the roofer or contractor’s credentials

3. Getting the Wrong Product

This might seem highly unlikely but it happens more often than you might think. Your location is
ultimately what determines what metal roofing will serve you best.

metal roofing

Factor in your environment and the level of exposure to the elements the roofing is likely to see
and use that to get the appropriate product.

4. Prioritizing Price Exclusively

Paying close attention to the price of the metal roofing material you’re looking to get is definitely
a sound idea. However, focusing on this factor to the exclusion of all else is a recipe for disaster
Rather than buying based on just price alone, also put the total cost of the material in the long run
into consideration as well.
You might be surprised to find that a seemingly cost effective choice right now may cost you
more to repair or replace later on.

5. Buying Solo

This is a serious landmine.
It’s easy to want to take advantage of a sales discount or get swayed by the perfect pitch of a
salesperson. However, in the end, you mightn’t have made the best purchase for your home.
Impulse purchases where metal roofing materials are concerned seldom end well. Leave
purchasing your metal panel to professionals who understand the terrain well.

6. Inaccurate Measurement

Sadly, this is another very common occurrence.
On occasion, estimators may read an existing drawing wrong or, in an effort to make up for
possible errors, they stock up on more material than they need, burning through your resources in
the process.
The best approach is to ensure your estimator is careful and detail-oriented.

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7. Lack of Clear Communication

Often times, communication error can occur between,

  • The estimator and the crew, or
  • The contractor and the municipality

As you can imagine, mistakes of this nature will only lead to waste of resources and delay in
project completion.
On your end, the best you can do is to hire a competent, professional team from the get-go and
make sure that you’re all on the same page from start to finish.