So, you remodel your home and chose to go for metal roofing to do so. That’s a really great
choice! No doubt about it. Metal roofing is beautiful, energy-efficient and lasts an eternity.
However, it does suffer a little drawback; rusting.
Essentially, rusting is the process by which metal materials are damaged and/or destroyed due to
continued exposure to water and air. It usually starts with a red or reddish brown coloring
appearing on the surface of the metal.

How do you prevent this from happening to your metal roofing?

Metal Roof Montreal has a couple of suggestions you can follow to secure the health and
longevity of your roofing;

  • Applying good quality paint to the surface of your metal roofing,
  • Using the services of metal roofing experts,
  • Employing the use of elastomeric coatings,
  • Galvanizing your metal roofing,

We’ll be explaining in detail the relevance of each of the tips listed above.

1. Why Applying Quality Paint is Good For Your Metal Roofing

As mentioned earlier, rusting comes about as a result of the continuous actions of water (or air
moisture) and air on your roof. Your roof is an external part of your home so you can’t actually
prevent the elements from coming in contact with it. So, you do the next best thing; shield your
metal roofing.
The painting coats the surface of your metal roofing, preventing the elements from actually
touching it.

corrugated metal roofing

Roof repair, worker with yellow gloves replacing red tiles or shingles on house with blue sky as background and copy space.

2. Why Use Expert Roofing Service

By virtue of its makeup and components, metal roofing materials are almost always guaranteed
to last an appreciable length of time in excellent condition. However, that is dependent on two
factors primarily,

Getting a licensed, qualified and experienced metal roofing expert to handle your project from
the get-go ensures that you get the highest quality materials as well as the necessary installation
techniques needed to ensure that your metal roofing services you well.

3. The Benefit of Using Elastomeric Coating

Another way to preserve your metal roofing for the long haul is getting it an elastomeric coating
job. Basically, elastomeric is a type of acrylic seal. Putting an elastomeric coating on your metal
roofing essentially serves almost the same function that painting it does.
Coasting your metal roofing once can keep it properly protected from rust for up to 4 years or
longer. The coating comes in different colors so you won’t have to sacrifice aesthetics for
longevity. You can always just use the best color or shade for your home.

4. Galvanizing Your Metal Roofing

This is arguably one of the best ways of protecting your metal roofing from the ravages of the
elements. In broad strokes, you galvanize your roofing by covering its surface with liquefied
While the process described above sounds simple enough, it really isn’t. Galvanizing requires a
lot of technical skill to ensure it is done effectively and at little risk. So, ensure you consult a
professional if you want to galvanize your roofing.

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Ultimately, prevention is always better than cure. As such, make sure you,

  • Verify that your installer can competently handle metal roofing installations,
  • Don’t hesitate to employ the preventive measure you feel is best for you,
  • Consult experts whenever you have concerns about your metal roofing.

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