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Metal Roofing Cost in Montreal

Here is a quick comparison of the different metal roofing prices in Montreal and surrounding areas. These estimates do include installation, and are averages. That said, no house is ever average, which is why at Metal Roof Montreal we offer free, no obligation estimates, so you can make a decision based on facts. Call us today at 438−979−7161 or Contact us.

If your house includes any of the following features, these estimates will not apply:

1024px NYCS bull trans 1.svg  300x300 Hip and valley

1024px NYCS bull trans 2.svg Gambrels

NYCS bull trans 3.svg Dormers

NYCS bull trans 4 red.svg Tilted flat roofs

The overall price depends also on the heating and ventilation system. So, asking “how much does a metal roof cost” is a lot like asking “how long is a piece of string”, but we’ll try to give you a few ideas here.

Roofing shingles

Multi-purpose low-end choice. Installation is problematic with strapping and battens.

About $3.50 sq ft

Metal roofing tiles

Mimics classic tile. Comes in panels, painted medium gauge galvanized steel.

About $7.50 sq ft

Steel metal roof

Economic, long lasting, variety of finishes. Most popular choice.

About $8.50 sq ft

Zinc roofing

Alternative to stainless steel.

About $8.50 sq ft

Aluminum standing seam and shingles

Less common because of higher price.

About $17 sq ft

Copper roof

More exotic and expensive. Turns green due to a layer of patina. Not used much in residential applications.

About $25 sq ft

When looking at your choices, consider everything. Less expensive metal roofing that still lives long enough to ever need to reroof again are often best.

Always check the warranty. Read the fine print. The number of years on the front page is not all that matters.

The cost to tear down and dispose of your old roof is not included in these estimates. We will include this in your exact estimate.

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