So, you’re finally ready to execute that roofing project. As you’re probably starting to see by
now, making that choice of the perfect roofing material for your home isn’t quite so easy. Even in
the absence of major concerns like the cost of the material and its likely aesthetic repercussions,
questions like, – How long will it last? – How often will you have to do maintenance? – Will it blend perfectly with your home?
are very likely to bother you. Add to that the fact that there are so many choices to pick from.
With all of this and so much more to deal with, getting the most value for your money becomes
even more crucial.
At Metal Roof Montreal, we believe that metal roofing is the best way to go and here are five
reasons why:

– It is highly energy-efficient
– It possesses high durability and functionality
– It’s perfect for improving curb appeal
– It has high resistance to mold, rot and algae stains
– It is cost-efficient

Understanding these reasons further can really help you make a more informed decision when
you’re finally ready to proceed. So, let’s break things down in detail.

1. Metal Roofing Products are Energy-Efficient

Metal roofing products play an important role in the amount of resources you expend using your
climate control system. As they have the ability to naturally reduce the temperature of your home
during summer, you are able to more efficiently manage energy. 2. It Possesses High Durability and Functionality
Metal roofing products are very tough. They are arguably one of the longest lasting roofing
products you can get for your home. They don’t get damaged so easily and once installed, can
last as long as 30 to even 40 years.
Needless to say, the quality of the roofing material and the level of skill applied to installing it
factors in greatly here. Therefore, it’s vital that you have competent and experienced
professionals handle your roofing project.

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Two workers on roof at works with metal tile and roofing iron

3. Perfect for Improving Curb Appeal

There’s no limit to the level of beauty and elegance you can achieve with metal roofing products.
The nature and property of metal products helps it lend itself easily to any design and
background of your choice.
Here are some examples of well executed metal roofing projects. They are truly beautiful, aren’t

4. High Resistance to Mold, Rot and Algae Stains

Incidence of mold and rot are always common issues where roofing is concerned. However, you
never have to worry about that with a metal roof. This is largely because these materials have a
naturally high resistance to the actions of microorganisms.
In the same vein, you won’t have to worry about washing your roof ever so frequently to get rid
of those annoying algae stains. Your roof will stay just as it was installed for years on end
without you having to pay anything for maintenance.

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5. It Saves Cost

Going for metal roofing is arguably the perfect balance between cost and taste for you. Metal
roofing products are relatively more affordable, offer more value for money and are less costintensive to install when compared to the other roof products out there today. An added benefit
of this is the fact they take considerably less time to install.
Key Takeaway
Whether price is not an issue or you’re on a budget, you have simple or very exquisite taste,
you’re always sure to find something that suits you perfectly with metal roofing.
If you’d like help reviewing your options here, don’t hesitate to reach out to us today.